An Interview with Charles

Here’s a little, special something for those of you waiting for the release of Infernal Fall. An interview with a key character, Heartless Charles…

Charles: Call me that again and this interview is over.

Bryan Mitchell: What do you prefer?

Charles: You’re not as clever as you think. Just Charles—as you already know. Quickly now, I don’t have all day.

Bryan Mitchell: Fair enough. You are a demon?

Charles: Yes.

Bryan Mitchell: What is it that you do?

Charles: I harvest the souls that fall into Limbo and take them to the courtyard. There, a rather disgusting judge sentences them to one of the Hells.

Bryan Mitchell: There’s more than one Hell?

Charles: Nine, actually. Those sentenced to Limbo are released. All others are issued a coin and escorted to the dock. Charon takes them from there.

Bryan Mitchell: How do you know of their crimes?

Charles: Some of you practice remote viewing, where one sees things in far off places. But none of you are really good at it. Legions of my kind are natural masters.

Bryan Mitchell: While in Hell, demons can see into this world. Can they manipulate people as well?

Charles: Looking for an excuse for the evils you’ve done?

Bryan Mitchell: No, but is it possible?

Charles: By no means, do we manipulate anyone. We may make suggestions, but no more than the goodie-little-two-shoes do. Who ever listens is still responsible for whatever they choose to do.

Bryan Mitchell: What’s been recorded of me?

Charles: I don’t keep the records. Nor do I know your handlers. But I’ve been in your head enough to say that you’re not as innocent as you think you are. But nobody is. Tell me, are you curious as to which Hell you would most likely go should you not change your evils ways. I can oblige you. Just answer a series of questions, and…

Bryan Mitchell: I don’t think I’m going to Hell, so…

Charles: Sure, you and everybody else are all such saints. Look how well you’ve done for the world. In fact, nobody’s coming here. It’s a wonder. All the imbeciles tumbling into my valley must be my imagination. Quite delusional of me.

Bryan Mitchell: I’d rather know what it takes not to end up where you are.

Charles: As I had told you before this interview, I cannot discuss that. But what I can do is show you where you may very well end up should you fall here.

Bryan Mitchell: All right tell me. Where would I end up?

Charles: I’m out of time. Next week, I’ll provide you the questions. Answer them truthfully and you’ll know.

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